Meredyth Lamm

The newest member of the team, Meredyth Lamm joined MOBProd as an Assistant Editor in 2016. Meredyth openly admits she doesn’t know much about science, but her curiosity is another thing altogether.  She views herself as MOBProd’s connection to the world outside of science. Here at MOBProd Meredyth keeps us on our toes, making sure every science concept we explain is crystal clear.

As her Assistant Editing skills reveal, Meredyth excels at organization in all forms.  At the media level, she’s been instrumental in setting up and cataloging our vast archive of video captured over decades of Miles’ journalism.

Meredyth has since edited several NewsHour pieces and also manages the official MOBProd Instagram account, @mobprodscience.  In addition to her edit chops, she’s a master of feng shui, adding amethyst and Himalayan pink salt crystals to balance out and purify her edit suite.

Meredyth, a recent grad from Emerson College holds a degree in Visual Media Arts with a concentration in Post Production.  She interned at Light Iron, a post production facility in New York City, where she helped on the finishing of films and documentaries including: Coming Through the Rye, The American Side, and The Fundamentals of Caring.