MOBProd works to find, package, and deliver fascinating stories of exploration and discovery. Headed by veteran science journalist Miles O'Brien, the MOBProd team values fact-based reporting and in-depth research.

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NOVA is America's longest-running and most-watched science documentary series. We are proud to have created award-winning NOVAs that weave together science and personal stories. Follow NOVA on Twitter: @novapbs.

PBS Newshour

For over 40 years, the PBS NewsHour has been a flagship nightly news program trusted by millions of viewers. Since 2008, Miles O'Brien has been the Science Correspondent and, through MOBProd, produces a weekly segment called the Leading Edge. Follow the PBS NewsHour on Twitter: @NewsHour. Here are some highlights from the past few seasons:

If you would like to watch all of our Leading Edge pieces, refer to this playlist:

Miles O'Brien spent 17 years as a staff correspondent and then as an anchor at CNN, one of the largest and most well known news organizations in the world. As a correspondent, his focus was science, environment, and aerospace--a focus he maintains to this day as aviation analyst for the network. Follow CNN on Twitter: @CNN.